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Basic Chromium Sulfate

Basic Chromium Sulfate  (Cr2(SO4)3)  is blackish green powder and dissolves in water quickly.It has good solvability.Contains high tanning compound and has very strong moisture absorption.

Basic Chromium Sulfate

1. Characteristics:

Good solubility, uniform alkalinity, low water insoluble content, no dust pollution, reduce the harm of chromium to human body

2. Typical Properties:

   Index   Content%   Basicity%   Crº*mg/kg≤
   Pure Chromium Powder  25±0.5  33±2  2
   THL  25±1  33±2  2
   TML  24±1  33±2  2
   TLL  22±1  33±2  2
   Self Alkalized Chromium Powder  20±1  一  2

3.Package and storage:

25KG/ compound bag, lined with plastic bag.It can be used for a long time, if it is avoided directly to contact with moist environment

4. Recommendations For Grinding Applications